The Debut Review/Giveaway

The Debut

The Debut is the latest wake/movie offering from Andy Kolb, backed up by Monster Energy, Liquid Force, Parktech. Featuring riders such as Nick Davies, Nico Von Lerchenfeld, Daniel Grant, Raph Derome and BP (among others). Liquid Force USA have given us a limited edition DVD/Blu-Ray to give away. All you need do is comment underneath with your favourite rider in the Debut movie, and we’ll randomly select a winner at the end of the week. Get on it.

Review in Brief
The Debut is stacked with big names, and even bigger riding. Some of the stand-out section include Nico (who I now consider one of the most under-rated riders out), and Raph – who always stuns in the rare footage you can find of him. The Debut is worth watching for the standard of park riding, which you’ve probably not seen the likes of before, set to a well picked soundtrack, including some hard to find beats. The movie follows riders are cable parks across the world, whilst Matt Crowhurt gives (somewhat awkward) commentary on a little bit of the riders background. Some of the segments feel a little bit cut-short, like Nick Davies segment- which is shot in what looks like a day at Singapore’s 360 Cablepark; and predominantly from the banks, and whilst it gives a good insight into Nick Davies effortless talent, a few more shots at different locations would have been key. So in summary, a great watch, especially if your into Park/Cable riding, and an amazing source of inspiration for your next jib session, but somehow feels lacking in what the movie tried to achieve. Perhaps a quick interview with each rider, or some rider voice-over would have added that dimension, along with a few more locations of each rider- or a big get together of all the riders in one location like CWC would have been a bonus!

7/10  – It’s no 12 Honkeys, but for a full length cable movie, its a great step in the right direction.