NZ Wakeboard Nationals 2014



UPDATE: Below if the full confirmed results from the 2014 New Zealand Wakeboard Nationals.

Huge congratulations to all the riders, especially those that took out top spot, and of course to the Comeback ‘not kid’ Jeff Weatherall, stoked to see your name back on the trophy.

Open Mens
1 – Jeff Weatherall
2 – Darren Bishop (Nelson M. )
3 – Regan Carlyon

Open Womens
1- Katrina Pollard
2 – Charlotte Broadbent

1- Brant Hales
2- Dave Evans
3- Aaron Haugh

1-Bryan Simpson
2-Gavin Broadbent
3-Reon Morland

Jr Mens
1-Theo Robinson
2-Dan Tingey
3-Brad Haakma

Mens 2
1-Brad Wilkins
2-Blair Robertson
3-Mike Brown

Mens 1
1-Nathan Wilson
2-Jason Heatherly
3-Brendon Webber

Jr Womens
1-Morgan Haakma
2-Laura Sadler

Jr Boys
1- Francesco Hazelwood
2- Anthony East
3- James Robinson

Jr Girls
1- Georgia collard
2 -Brook Wilson
3- Sophie gallon

1- Cruz Morland
2- Zoe Wilson
3- Jordan Caie

Props to all the sponsors that continually get onboard to support Wakeboarding in New Zealand.