2013/14 NZ Development Squad Named

Wakeboarding New Zealand has named the 2013/14 development squad.

The development squad is a group of young riders to be taken under the wing of Wakeboarding New Zealand, in order to progress towards competitive wakeboarding on an international stage. They will receive coaching, and support.

Having a development squad puts emphasis back on training talented young riders to be the best they can be, and hopefully put kiwi’s back on the podium at world events.

In return for this support, these riders should be ambassadors for the sport here in New Zealand. Helping to grow the sport and represent it in a positive way wherever possible!

Congratulations to all the team members! If you see these guys out there, help them out where you can!

James Robinson
Oliver Robinson
Brooke Wilson
Sophie Gallon
Georgia Collard (smurf)
Toby McConnell
Cruz Morland (shredda)
Taylor Rooney
Francesco Hazelwood
Trent Tingy
Morgan Haakma
Bradley Haakma
Laura Sadler
Tom Christie
Daniel Tingy
James Tingy